Relax Renew Massage's COVID Response

Here are the steps I am taking to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 to others. These recommendations are from the Centers for Disease Control, The MN Department of Health and The American Association of Massage and Bodyworkers. I also have a group of COVID experts versed in the latest on COVID providing advice on my procedures. The Relax Renew massage studio at Los Campeones was closed last week based on their recommendation.

Arriving at either studio, you can expect:

You will be expected to do the following (no exceptions):

There is mounting scientific data suggesting that services like massage therapy, spa treatments, and hair styling have a lower risk of transmission if all parties are wearing masks and providers wear protective equipment.

This is a partnership. It will take both of us to ensure the safety of one another. I thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines.